Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. - Quality control
Certification and quality control
Within its own laboratory the company performs standard metallurgical, mechanical and structural test, as well as non destructive testing such as:
  • eddy current testing to detect superficial flaws in compliance with the ASTM E 215 regulation,
  • class “A” ultrasonic inspections in compliance with the AMS-STD-2154 and the ASTM B 594 regulations for internal flaws detection.
The Company policy, along with sound experience and extensive knowledge of final products application, allow Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. to achieve a constant improvement of its products and higher satisfaction of its qualified customers.
The Company’s quality management system fully complies with the UNI EN, ISO 9001:2015 standards, furthermore, important Manufacturer’s approvals such as R.I.N.A. and D.N.V. and specific customer’s certifications are granted at your request.

Metalba Aluminium S.p.A.
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