Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. - Company profile
Company organization and structure
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. has 2 different plants: the first one is in Bassano del Grappa (VI) where the headquarter and the extrusion plant are based, whereas the second plant with the foundry is in Longarone (BL).
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. - company organization and structure
The Company has a staff of well skilled employees, who are constantly updating their knowledge with the purpose of meeting the ever-increasing and demanding market requirements.
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. - Company profile
Company profile
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A.:
Technology of aluminium-based hard and special alloys

Metalba Aluminium S.p.A., since 1956 produces semi-finished products made from aluminium-based light alloys, has recently directed its production towards aluminium-based hard and special alloys, suitable for applications where high mechanical performance and high quality standards are required.

Metalba S.p.A. produces billets at its own foundry (making alloys out of the primary metal) or purchases them from qualified suppliers; Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. manufactures semi-finished products fully complying with both Italian and international regulations, allowing the company to meet the specific requirements (even confidential ones) of each single customer.

Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. - Headquarter
After achieving remarkable results within the International markets the Company has grown and has now larger plant and premises in order to satisfy the increase demand.
The foundry
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. group’s foundry, is located in Longarone, (Belluno) it is equipped with modern melting furnaces featuring state-of-the-art casting and billets’manufacturing technologies with high quality standards and a reduced environmental impact and energy demand.

Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. pursues quality excellence through regenerative burners, double chamber furnaces, a metal mixing pump, in-line filtration and degassing process, in-line control of hydrogen content, recording and storage of basic process parameters and non-destructive examinations.

All billets are standard class “C” ultrasonic tested, but we can easily comply with class “A” simply on demand, according with the AMS-STD-2154 and the ASTM B 594 regulations. Our qualified staff ends the inspection procedures with laboratory’s macro- and microscopic examinations on each production batch.

Production of top quality billets, extruded and drawn products, starts uniquely from first choice primary metal and alloying elements.

You can choose among the 100 different types of alloys available in our standard catalogue, however, thanks to the highly specialized production staff and to our advanced manufacturing plants, special alloys can be supplied according to customers’ specific requirements.
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A.
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