Metalba Aluminium S.p.A.
A wide range of products is available in the shape of bars, solid and hollow sections, round tubes and custom shapes by means of reversing extrusion; and by means of mandrel, floating mandrel or bridge dies.
They are obtained from blanks extruded with both direct presses (that is, with floating mandrel or bridge dies ) and with indirect presses and then drawn on straight benches.
Within its own laboratory the company performs standard metallurgical, mechanical and structural test, as well as non destructive testing such as eddy current testing to detect superficial flaws...
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. - Applications
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. products are sought after by users needing high quality standards.

These products find their application in the automotive business, in shipbuilding and aircraft industries, weapons and military instruments, cycle and motorcycle components, and in the mechanical sector more in general.
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A.
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A., since 1956 produces semi-finished products made from aluminium-based light alloys, has recently directed its production towards aluminium-based hard and special alloys, suitable for applications where high mechanical performance and high quality standards are required.

Metalba Aluminium S.p.A. produces billets at its own foundry (making alloys out of the primary metal) or purchases them from qualified suppliers...
Metalba Aluminium S.p.A.
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